Always in Hope and Prayer

Our_Mother_is_CryingAfter witnessing another round of Washington gridlock wherein all too many of the players jock only for their own personal best position, it is all too easy to lose hope.

All too easy to give up the fight when so many are aligned in an evil dance of pointing the finger at each other rather than at ourselves.

Our selfishness, our greed, our pride, our self-righteousness, our ambitions all serve to pit one against the other in an endless dance of death where neither can let go for fear of being dealt the final death-blow, and yet we slowly bleed  each other to death.

People are really suffering in our world, and people are really afraid. The two often don’t coincide. Those who live in fear, fear the one’s who are suffering and clutch all the more tightly those miserable things they have acquired, all the while attempting to build a fortress to contain these things from being taken.

Those who suffer do so in great silence, too weary from the struggle to just exist. The pain in their eyes echoes but one question: how can you let me die? Worse how can you let my innocent child die?

We argue over whether a human has the RIGHT to food, to shelter, to health care, as if it were a real question and not one created by forces that control the means of food, shelter and health and want only to exact a price for them in order to afford yet another jet, or condo, or island for their pleasure. It is all too awful at times, all to hard to fathom.

We were created in the image of God, yet we have distorted it by all the ugliness we continue to hold within us. Worse, we look at ourselves and see through this distortion our God become like us. How unnatural, how grotesque!

Yet there is this:


I ask for just one miracle this weekend:
that I will no longer believe the impossible is.

That I will find the faith to believe
that liberation will come
for those who are imprisoned by their own
– or another’s –
fear and judgement.

That I will find the faith to believe
that the most intractable minds can be changed
– even my own.

That i will find the faith to believe
a different world will be born
from the empty hells of this one.

That I won’t stop living for the end
of all that would destroy us.

From Hold This Space

And from this praying upon unholy knees, we rise again to continue on, learning, teaching, reaching upward in love, in goodness, in equality, in justice, crying forth for a miracle of salvation for the human race.

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  1. Tim
    Oct 20, 2013 @ 15:39:05

    Sherry, this moves me greatly, even as I’m ever more perplexed by the yammering that continues to roll off the Hill. We’ve often accused our politicians and corporate leaders of “tone-deafness.” But it seems to me they’re just plain deaf. The suffering that surrounds us is very real and the cries for justice couldn’t be louder. Yet none of it seems to reach the people who have vowed to uphold our ideals and work for the common good. We are in a terrible situation, I believe, and returning to righteousness seems unlikely, as it appears we have set a course that only leads to increasingly callous disregard for the neediest among us.

    But miracles do indeed happen. And prayer changes things–starting with each of us and then going beyond to grip the hearts of the unfaithful. You are right to call us to prayer. Fretting and frustration yield nothing positive. To quote the old spiritual, “If we ever needed the Lord, we sure do need Him now, right now.”

    Thank you for this touch. It is much needed.

    Many blessings,


    • Sherry
      Oct 21, 2013 @ 08:12:36

      Sometimes I find myself so angry and I redouble my efforts to rant all the louder. I forget that there is a perfectly better way to work toward justice, and that is simply to sit in quiet peacefulness with God. Amazing things can occur when we just do that simple yet basic and deeply important thing. Who knows when someone has a change of heart and becomes a voice of reason? We must lead by example as some suggest that the women of the senate did during our last crisis. Suddenly the tone changed and we moved to sanity again, if only for an instant. But instants become minutes, and then hours, and then….. Blessings my dear Tim. You must be sooooo busy these days. 🙂 !END


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