God Speech

The Lord travels in all directions at once.

The Lord arrives from all directions at once.

Wherever we are, we find that He has just departed.

Wherever we go, we find that He has just arrived before us.”  ~~Thomas Merton

We are, as mortals, living in our mortal shells, unable to understand the breadth and depth of God. We cannot imagine it. In one psalm, it says:

“to me how mysterious your thoughts,
the sum of them not to be numbered!
If I count them, they are more than sand;
to finish, I must be eternal like you.” Ps 139

As we progress along the spiritual path, we are promised that what has been clouded, will become clear. Jim Marion in his book, Putting on the Mind of Christ, suggests that this is precisely why so much of the bible still eludes us. It is why the people of Jesus’ time could not comprehend his message, “the Way.” Not even his own disciples could at times, though there is reason to believe their level of spiritual consciousness was higher than most.

It is why mystics are not understood, or only partly. Marion suggests that until we have attained their level of spiritual consciousness, we simply cannot “get it.” There are no words in our reality grounded vocabulary to adequately explain the qualities and life of God.

All the more reason to pursue the path. All the more reason to continue to read and ponder the scriptures. For as we draw ever closer to the unity with God, we do indeed see more clearly. Scriptures open up to us in new ways, things troubling and paradoxical suddenly are not.

As Jesus said, they have ears but do not hear, eyes but they do not see.  Ever strive to rest in the Lord, for in those moments, we are given by grace ears that do hear, and eyes that do see. We no longer see as if a mirror darkly.



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